McDonald's fulfils a girl's wish to have endless supply of fries...but only for a day

In the age of digital revolution, everyone from an established restaurant to the neighbourhood diner is using social media to connect with customers. McDonald’s took the lead by taking consumer engagement to a level of consumer delight by fulfilling a customer’s wish.

To make it interactive, McDonald’s played a quiz with a few quirky questions about the brand and presented her and her friends with a lovely hamper of McDonald’s goodies and toys as a token of gratitude for their love.

The brand did a series of quirky Christmas posts on social media for a week to engage with its patrons. Amidst the series of posts and comments, a consumer expressed her wish to have unlimited supply of McDonald’s fries. McDonald’s surprised her by granting her wish. She was invited to the restaurant and she along with her friends were pampered with unlimited hot and fresh French fries, accompanied with burgers and beverages.

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